by Moriah Kononoff

Artist: Carolyn V

The Eternal Light

In the night I will search for you
I am the light that is eternal
A candle will flicker

A candle will go out
But my light won’t
I wait for you

In the night I will always come for you
I will lead you back to the eternal light
The light, that unlike a candle, never goes out

Imperfect World

For I have seen a great light in the darkness
I see the devil everywhere I go
I see the evil doers and atheists and I pray

There is murder, death row, and victims of hate crime wherever I go
In the beginning you made this world perfect
It is hard to believe that there could be so much sin

When I see a child, I pray that they will never kill
When I see children, I see you
When I see death and blood, I see hell

I live in a world riddled with good and evil
I see you in the children, Lord
When I see the darkness surrounding me I look up and see you and how the world should be


Father forgive us for we know not what we do
In our own right we are sinners
Forcing kids to work in sweatshops

We have lied, stolen and murdered
We have walked from you
But you have forgiven us

You loved us enough to give your son
He died for us
Hallelujah, you’re Holy

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