by Peter Venable

Artist: Porfirio Domingues

The Eye Is The Lamp Of The Body
—Matthew 6:22

Through a red lens
I see shells, missiles, fiery explosions, smoldering rubble, bloodshot skies, body bags…

Through a blue lens
I see souls downcast, grieving, sorrowing, suffering, strollers left at trailway platforms…

Through a yellow lens
I see specters of worry dusting sulfur powder over every surface, every face…

Through a black lens
I see the world in smoke and darkness, hope shaded away, the eyes of The Skull…

Through a pink lens
I see salmon hues on blossoming lilies outside an abandoned limestone vault …

Seeing those colors kaleidoscoping in me.
I take off all lenses, clearly see
the Light of life
within and without me.

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