by Sherley Thankam Abraham

Oh shade tree of my soul
Fragrance giver to all the hearts
A link that binds the minds

A Learning College of Minds
A pointer sharpening in me is you,
My best friend and Soul mate forever
Giving Light in my soul,
Unique space of unconditional love,
Faith and faithfulness

Honesty and generosity,
Emotional stability and capability, in built in you
Confidentiality and determined nature,
You maintain self-care and commitment in me,

You understand, mirrors
And framed me,
We must see this world through one eye,
That’s why you’re my Soul mate

Like two sides of the same coin
Is not our mind and soul one?
The abode of the Spirit of God reign around,
You have enlightened me with spiritual and material nourishment.
Soul mate, you are my prayer room where God resides.

Brotherhood to fellow beings,
Teacher-disciple, comforter,
Hope for the hopeless
Sweet to the soul,

Merciful soul mate,
With the most faithful conscience,
How can I trash this Heavenly Love Shade tree?
How can I leave astray God’s people: Says SOUL MATE

The rays of light in me
Pruned up by my Soul mate
I will never forget you
My Evergreen Savior Jesus Christ.

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