by Cera Taylor

She is,
Comforted by the spirit, embraced in His arms.

She is,
Anointed to do great things, empowered by His grace.

She is,
Fearless and mighty, encouraged with wisdom.

She is,
Destined to make a change.

No longer held by the generational curse.
She is the devils worse

Nightmare, she is

No stranger to the victory that the Lord has proclaimed.

She knows the battle is in His hands, and
She knows she doesn’t have to stand,


She knows who her Father in heaven is, and
She knows where she belongs.

She knows who she is, and
She knows that she is strong.

She is prepared for such a time as this, and
She knows there is no opportunity to miss

Out on what God has for her.

She is determined to stay in His will.

She is unafraid of the future, and ready to step into her calling.

She is confident and tenacious because
She knows God always keeps His promise and will complete His good work.

She knows that,
She is here for a reason.

She knows that,
She is here on purpose.

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