by Cera Taylor

Queen, get up

You don’t belong down there.
Down there you are suffocating, wallowing in despair.

Dry your eyes, count your blessings.
Sis, there’s no time to be stressing.

It’s been far too long, and the time has come.
For you to rise and move on, a new season has begun.

Queen, get up

Out of that bed,
Out of that dread,
Out of those lies that you’ve been fed.

You deserve more and you have more,
Because you, my queen, are very much seen.

By a King,
By The Father,
By The One who’s like no other.

You are loved, you are heard.
Let this be a reminder of His word.

God cherishes you, so don’t give up.


Get up!

You don’t have to worry,
Let your mind be renewed.
Get up queen,
I know you can make it through.

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