by Melissa Kaesberg

Artist: Debbie Clark

When I find myself lost in the current, surrounded by darkness and roaring waves,
My mind goes to you and I remember, You are the One who saves.
I need not worry, there is no reason to doubt.
I know You are with me always, You will never let me drown.
You are the shield protecting me,
You are the sword in my fights.
My Provider, my Protector,
My shining light in the darkest nights.
You are my Everlasting Savior.
Though at times I may deal with things
that I don’t understand,
You have a plan, You have a purpose
And Your promise remains that You have my best interest.
You’ve not promised an easy life, nor the
absence of troubles or strife.
Still I am chosen, I am Your child.
I feel Your love and goodness every day,
through Your presence and through the blessings You rain.
How Your grace flows and surrounds us each day,
we are wrapped in Your mercy and care.
Even with those of us who wander and stray,
with arms wide open You will still always be there.
Oh how You love! What an amazing thing,
to be cherished so by the King of all Kings.

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