by Matthew Berg

Artist: Debbie Clark

1 Samuel 17:38-40

You’ll put it on, try and stand up in it, even try to walk around. You’ll receive your “weapons” and attempt to use them; it will not work well though, because you were never meant to use them, ways you’ve never used before.

You’ll know skills, have a confidence even, yet you’ll listen to feedback that says “Do it this way,” a way you were never meant for.

This is where it will not work, where you’ll step out of other ways meant for others not yourself, where you’ll enter life and all it’s “goliaths”…. and win.

This is what you were meant for: to walk in the presence of Jesus with all the skills and abilities He’s given you to thrive, to bless and to encourage others to do the same. This is living,
and this is how you rise, what you’re meant for.

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