by Samuel Spencer

Artist: Monika Shemel

My package is not lost,
it’s simply on the way.
My home-address posted,
it gets to me today.
This shipment is quite rare,
it’s holy and divine.
It comes from Heaven too
and soon it will be mine.
It was expedited
when matter first was made.
Before Light, before land,
before the shapes and shade.
It was in route when I
was but a atom strung,
and it’s been homeward bound
ever since Time was young.
It has been ordered, bought
with what’s considered Prime,
and is arriving soon
on universal-time.
And now it’s by my door,
I wonder what’s inside…
I open it with care,
now guess what’s been supplied?
My God has sent a gift,
I start to cry and quiver;
I’m overjoyed to see
my heart has been delivered.

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