Two Poems

by Joe Bisicchia

Artist: Carolyn V

Jesu Juva.
We begin like a Bach hymn.
And pray as Bach prayed.
Much more than any Latin acronym.
An act of faith.

Jesu Juva.
In You we move and have our being.
We need to go no further than within,
by grace, for You are here,
as it was, is now, and ever shall be.

Throughout our composition,
yes, You are here without end.
We shall be Your instrument.
And, so, we take thy hand.
Let us begin.

The Basics of Prayer
Give us this day our daily bread.
To be genuine. Ever simple.
As hands fold to pray, ears fold not.
And as eyes close, see all of eternity.
What comes back is finest verse, or,
even better,
sweet as a child reading a letter.
So goes the dialogue of our hearts.
The most elaborate poetry ever read.
No big words necessary.
Wondrous to savor the immensity,
the sound of roses as they bloom.

Jesu juva is Latin for “Jesus Help.”

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