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Hello everybody and welcome, I have a very special sister in Christ here with me today. Her name is Ana Lico, and she is a prophetic artist who left the New Age Spirituality, and came back home to the Father after realizing the truth, like I did after I left the Orisha Tradition. So lets dive in…

WOTL: During the podcast of Raised & Redeemed, you mentioned that you were spiritually attacked as a child. Funny, because I was too, but buried deep in my mind until I got older. Why do you believe demons target children the most? Do you still receive visits from them?

AL: Children are a target for Satan because he doesn’t play fair. Children cannot protect themselves as well as an adult can, so Satan takes advantage of their innocence and inexperience. It’s fresh ground for Him to plant seeds of corruption that he will then focus on watering for the rest their lives.

It’s strategic, because by the time the child grows into adulthood, that seed will have already sprouted deep roots, therefore easy for Satan to influence. I still get attacked even as a devout follower of Jesus, but the difference now is that I understand my authority in Christ. The fear factor and power they had over me is gone. 

The Helper by Ana Lico

WOTL: After losing my faith at the age of twelve, I did not return to it for another seventeen years. It is well known that you did not always follow Jesus, so in your opinion, what is it that causes other people to turn to alternative spirituality? What are people missing?

AL: I believe people turn to alternative spirituality because the church fails them. The full gospel isn’t being preached and the supernatural love and power of Jesus isn’t being demonstrated. Satan does not hesitate showing his abilities to people because he does not respect peoples free will. God however respects our choice, and he will not dwell among people that do not believe or are not genuine in their faith.

For this reason it seems that encountering Satan through alternate spirituality seems more frequent and available. People are just hungry to connect to a higher power. We are made of spirit, and it is instinctual for us to want to connect to this part of us. Scripture does tell us though that the path of destruction is wide, so in this search of spirituality, people are more likely to encounter the counterfeit.

Throne Room by Ana Lico

WOTL: I am fascinated by the things we have in common since I am considered the black sheep of the family. Are you still viewed as such after coming to Christ?

AL: I do not consider myself to be a black sheep after coming to Christ. This was definitely a view that I created out of the self perception/ identity Satan had given me. I’m still however peculiar in my ways, and still stick out like a sore thumb amongst my family in the way that I choose to follow Christ; boldly and fearlessly. But the differences now aren’t alienating because our belief in Christ unifies us and our spirits now bear witness in one accord.

WOTL: It was mentioned that you lost some friends after leaving the occult. As of now, has there been reconciliation and understanding? I lost many “friends” after playing with the dark side.

AL: My best friend actually  was saved out of the new age couple of months after I was. Other than that, I have spoken to some of my old friends handful of times, but that’s about it. We have drifted apart because we no longer have anything in common. It’s hard to be around people that want nothing to do with Christ- it just means they want nothing to do with me. I’m still praying for their salvation and reconciliation. 

Meet Ana

WOTL: Also, what advice would you give those who are experiencing a rough transition with no one on their side?

AL: Consider these lonely times as blessings. Jesus does not advocate for isolation – but fellowship and community! So it is his will to bring u around other believers in his time. So knowing his will, understand that these isolating times are temporary.

But realize that they are blessings, because these will be the moments you look back on where it was just you and the Holy Spirit.

This may be the only time you have in your walk without distractions, opinions, and voices fighting for your attention. Every season God takes you through provides a specific learning experience that will aid you as you grow in your walk. So ask the lord to reveal to you how sweet this time truly is! 

WOTL: There are many people who leave Christianity because of church-hurt. What would be your advice to them? Is it difficult for you to initiate a conversation with them about Jesus?

AL: It is hard, because you have to operate through Holy Spirit wisdom to find the right words to say. Everyone has individual hurt and experiences specific to them. It’s really important to lean on him when speaking to people who have been through church hurt because you want to make sure that your words don’t trigger a response that will make them less receptive to a seed of truth being planted. I would tell them that the Jesus that hurt them is not the Jesus that Is God, but one made in the image of men. Anything conjured up by the imaginations of mankind will be with fault, and will cause pain because we are still in our sin nature bodies.

The real Jesus is not always portrayed by the church in the best way, so it’s better to get to know him for who he says he is, rather than who people say that he is. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal who Jesus is through the word of God.

Once u have this understanding of him, you can then discern the real Jesus from the counterfeit, and also realize that people make mistakes. But these mistakes do not reveal the nature of Jesus, but further emphasize how much we truly need him.

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